St Lawrence Church, West Wycombe

St Lawrence Church, West Wycombe

It is a beautiful painting, Paul. Good for you to put in your own way of working. Very interesting story you are telling us with the painting, always a painting with a history. I like that!

Thank you Mia for the comments. I could've painted a different view but it would've looked too much like a painting Steve Hall has done of another church. I wanted to take elements of his work and put them in a painting of my own. Thanks again.

Paul, thank you for your comment on my boats. I have been looking through your gallery and I particularly like this one. The light and the loose brush strokes are very appealing.. You have made it look easy but I know it is very difficult.

This is so beautifully painted. It is loose and expressive. I love this style, and don't think that you need to be lighter. The darker tones really suit the subject.

Thank you Margaret and Lynne. I appreciate your comments very much.

A lovely, atmospheric piece. I like the fact that it isn't like Steve Hall's work - always better to be admired for your own creativity and technique than for being a good imitator of another artist's work!

Thank you Seok. Appreciate the comment. I'm happier with this painting now that I've lived with it a while

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St Lawrence Church sits in one of my favourite places, on top of West Wycombe Hill. Along with the massive Dashwood family mausoleum, it is circled by a ring of trees and the boundary ditch of an old iron age fort. The Hellfire Club caves are built into the hill which has great views towards High Wycombe and down over West Wycombe Village and the Dashwood Estate & Park. This was an attempt to include some features of Steve Hall's work without copying one of his paintings. I'm happy with the result. This painting was 'Highly Commended' by the judges of the SAA Artist of the Year 2012.

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