Spring Bee

Spring Bee(2)

A bee in flight/hovering is the perfect vehicle for your amazing style, those wings and the movement suggested are great

Very good - great sense of movement

I love this bee!

Hang on Studio Wall

My first bee painting of 2020, one day I suddenly noticed all the bees, they just appear like magic. Painted in oils on a linen panel 8" x 8" it is sold unframed. Let your framer know it is painted in oil paints.

For Sale

Price: 128.00
Picture Size: 8" x 8"
About the Artist
Paulette Farrell

My drawings and paintings are influenced by my life and my surroundings. I am as much at home sat in a cricket ground with my sketchbook as I am tramping through the Cheshire countryside watching the birds make their spring nests. They are all familiar to me, all vivid and real and all part of my…

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