Mont Blanc

Mont Blanc

I am in awe of your achievement here. Firstly on even getting into position to be able to paint this. What was the weather like? Did you have to fight the wind? It looks very cold. The limited palette didn't inhibit. This is beautiful, and I'm so pleased that you posted it to share with those of us who love mountains but are too restricted to be able to go. Such wonderful depth and atmosphere. I'm so pleased I saw this.

Thanks Lin for your comment. We sat on a grassy bank near a cafe, high up but a few miles from Mont Blanc and not as high! We went up in minibus. It was 25 degrees and very sunny, just occasional cool wind. It's warm in the French Alps in summer even on higher ground. It's a fantastic painting area and there were several people painting with Jane Ward on her excellent September painting holiday week.

Lovely work Pat, the French alps are indeed glorious and this is a super expression of that

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I painted this last week in the French Alps "en plein air"- a lovely view of Mont Blanc, though from a distance. It was a hot sunny day with the sound of cows bells as they grazed - but the mountain top was still covered in snow. I painted on the relatively new Arches Oil Paper which is very robust and nice to paint on, ideal for travel. I only took 6 tubes of oil paint so it's a restricted palette! Approx 20 cm x 30cm, though I might do a larger version on canvas now I'm home and make the foregound peaks a bit less dominant.

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