Tulips in sunlit corner

Tulips in sunlit corner

It's a beauty Pat delicious

Smashing subject Pat and you've got those flowers great in the light. Odd for me to notice something floral but here's to you - I did.

You have captured a quiet corner beautifully.

Lovely work Pat such a great feeling of light , love it.

A still life within a setting always appeals to me more than if it's on its own, top quality work Pat.

Great comments, thank you Derek, Dennis, Teresa, Dennis and Alan. I'm having a bit of a struggle with a very large painting at the moment, so every sign of encouragement helps. Why do some paintings just go so well and others are a nightmare and need endless adjustments.

A lovely, atmopsheric piece, Pat.

Hang on Studio Wall

Small oil on oil paper, approx 12" x 10". Limited palette mainly ultramarine, alizarin crimson, raw sienna, naples yellow and warm white. Oil dries fairly quickly on paper and will take multiple layers. Painted from dark to light, around 3 or 4 layers in around 3 days, though the tulips (from the garden) were drooping a little.

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I've been painting almost ten years, initially with watercolours, then moving on to oils and other media. I am self taught, though have attended several short painting courses. I paint as a hobby and also belong to 2 art groups in Yorkshire. I exhibit through them and local galleries. I loveā€¦

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