Spring Blossoms, exercise on Studio.

Spring Blossoms_ exercise on studio.

Looks fine Denise, don’t worry about straying that’s all part of the learning process.

Really pleasing colours and application Denise, you are certainly producing a vast quantity and diversity of work!

Looks beautiful and full of sprite as the petals have formed so well and nice raw edges too, well done Denise!

Beautiful flowers Denise and you have painted the beautifully. Very delicate looking and lovely translucent colours , you just get better and better.

Beautiful, Denise.

Thanks very much Barry, Alan, Angela, Paul, Anne and Romila. I do paint a lot Alan, I've never really stopped since I started. I think if I get lot's of experience and practice, one day, I'll produce a quality piece when I have that experience behind me. That's what I'm thinking anyway. Whether it works or not, that's a different matter. I live in hope.

Very attractive Denise.

This is nice, especially you are enjoying it.

Well done, a fine piece.

You captured a lovely light on the blossoms Denise, I like the shading in the petals too.

Agree with the others, good work Denise

This is lovely, Denise, well done!

Very delicately painted Denise. Smashing.

Really lovely detail in this one, Denise...yup...straying is what it's all about!

Hang on Studio Wall

I really enjoyed doing this, It's an exercise on Studio and because I have never had any lessons, it's just like an art lesson for me. I think I did a fair job of sticking to the instructions. Ok, I might of strayed just slightly, only slightly though.

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