Warthog Sketch.


Well I like it what not to like about a warthog.

He's a very pro-active warthog - on the one occasion I painted or drew one, for my father's birthday card (I'm sure he was secretly thrilled!) it was lying in t'muck: a favourite posture, I believe. Unlike most wild hogs, I understand they're not at all aggressive: they will run with their tails up, suddenly stop, look around at you - threatening like - and will then run off again should you make a forward move. Second-hand information this, don't blame me if you get gored....

Thanks Paul and Robert and Robert, I won't stand about and stare him out, I'll run the other way. Just to be on the safe side.

A bold and vibrant Warthog it is Denise.

A great warthog, Denise!!!! Brings back lovely memories of visiting game parks in Southern Africa. A number of years ago my wife and I were at Chobe Game Lodge in Botswana as we sat about the swimming pool one afternoon a mother warthog with her babies ran past the pool.

A very energetic warthog who looks a bit angry:)

Lots of hogginess here, Denise! Well done!

Thanks very much Chris, David, Carole and Linda. How lovely, David.

Wow! A great warthog and I love your colour selection Denise.

Aww lots of character 🥰🎨

What a vibrant, lovely fella.

Great job Denise.

Love your use of colour!

……and what a colourful warthog he is.

Great Warthog and great colours Denise.

You've captured the power and the rambunctious nature of the warthog, Denise. It's a lovely piece.

Love your colours Denise

Hang on Studio Wall
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I got some artboard, A4 size, perfect for all medium. It's ideal for me, when I'm trying out things. This warthog isn't the best but I will know how to do one again, now I've have a bit of a practice.

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