The Bait

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Fantastic design element.

Thank you Margaret Nisbet

Thank you Stephen Kelly

You are so talented in your artistry

Very original style. Well done!

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The love of money is one of the banalities of evil in our daily lives which influenced my painting – “The Bait” An unhealthy love of money is the root of all evil; everyone is vulnerable to succumb to the alluring of this bait. Money is often been used as bait to lure young people into a life of crime that may lead them to prison or their early grave. Money is often been used as bait for the prevention of justice. Many great people fell from grace when they succumbed to this bait.

About the Artist
O Yemi Tubi

Olabamiji Yemi Tubi, commonly known as O Yemi Tubi and also known in the art world as MOYAT was born in 1955 in the city of Ibadan, Nigeria, West Africa. His BFA Degree was obtained from Valdosta State College, Valdosta Georgia USA where he majored in Graphic Design. He was awarded Art Scholarship…

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