Rottie selfie

Rottie selfie

Fabulous work, and what a great title.

Thank you Ruth; I'm particularly pleased with this one

Love the selfie.. amazing and beautiful Diana, love it :)

Absolutely fabulous bit of work - these are fantastic, dozy dogs, much maligned because some of them have appalling owners, and the huge strength of the breed makes them very dangerous in the wrong hands. They&#39;re wonderfully gentle, intelligent, friendly dogs in the right hands. <br /><br />This drawing or painting - I think it&#39;s painting - really brings the great big lumps of fur, slobber and goodwill to life: and it&#39;s good to see Diana Hudson posting again, too.

Brilliant use of colour Diana.... and lovely work. One big slobbery dog .

Can&#39;t believe this is done in pencil;s terrific, I love his crinkly nose!

Thank you for the lovely comments. I can tell you one thing; I won&#39;t be doing a nose like that again any time soon! It took HOURS<br />

Oh brilliant! A lovely dig at a modern preoccupation, but this I definitely don&#39;t mind!

Great work Diana as I have said before. I love that nose and the tongue, brilliant.

You just can&#39;t help but smile when you look at this Diana, superb.

Believe me I wasn&#39;t smiling when I did that nose but the owner is.

Hang on Studio Wall

Polychromos pencil on Bristol Board

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