This is absolutely smashing. Perspective is great - the colour is wonderful - such depth. Did you completely mask it out? Have you used any Gouache?

Great me neck ache though!!!!!! You have made an excellent job of a very difficult subject.

There is so much detail in this painting and the height is shown very well. Lovely work.

Hahaha Jeannette, yes I did mask it- all of it; no gouache at all. Then I went and overpainted one of the columns by accident. Spot the "non-deliberate"mistake LOL Then I just used washes with detail at the end. Sorry Ann if you have a crick in your neck! :-) Don't ask the name of the building; it's from a photo I took over 30 years ago and I haven't a clue.

You have made a good job of a complicated painting, well done.

a very good study in perspective and detail,nice painting...chris

Love the bold contrast between dark & light, Diane, best wishes, colleen

I like the detail in this one Diana...stunning is the word.

WOW !!! what great work this is and on a small scale.

Diana this is so good and such an interesting viewpoint. I've been at a bit of a loss recently as to what to paint but I've got loads of photos from Italy and I like the idea of taking just a corner of something to paint. You may have got me going again - thanks.

Beautiful work - worthy of staying on the home page of the gallery for much longer - :)

I'm still looking at this - the staircase is amazing. I think I would have messed this one up if it was mine. Thank you for your comment on Jazza very much appreciated Diana.

Thank you so much for all your comments. I knew I liked it but didn't imagine such a response and once the drawing was done, it was so simple to do. The underside of teh stairs were a pain and I had to redo them but the rest is just simple washes and a few touches for brick; probably the loosest watercolour I've ever done. Good luck Marjorie, I hope you can find a hidden corner to paint. I started that last year on holiday when I suddenly saw a small section of rusty chain and loved the colours in it. I'm having a "phase" now of looking for bits of pictures instead of the whole.

It is very clever the way you've got the height with the converging verticals, I can see why it gave Ann a crick in the neck!! Reminds me of the 'tower of Babel' (?) story. Great picture.

amazing........i love the detail

Hi, Diana. thanks for your comment on 'Get well...' I missed this one. Too late to add an original comment, so ditto the above!

Same here all has been said you have the eye for the unusual take on things the upwards angle is fantastic

Awesome! Love your style!

Hang on Studio Wall

Watercolour on 140lb cold pressed Not 10" x 14" Taken in electric light I'm afraid.The darks should be darker and the sky more cobalt.

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