Kirby Bellars

Kirby Bellars

I am a great admirer of your drawing and painting skills, Michael. Stunning!

Lovely picture michael, more serious image this time.

Thanks Mia, Christopher and Pete - not the best of photos but it is out of my sketch book and is only intended for personal use so didn't worry too much - will paint it sometime. Pete - yes I sometimes think I should concentrate more on the serious stuff but then another cartoon idea pops into my head and I can't help myself - probably better that than turn into a boring old f..t !

Beautiful drawing Michael

Lovely drawing Michael and all the different themes that you produce I don't know how yu think of them, very versatile.

A nice sketch Michael and the composition looks a great subject for taking further allowing you to produce another of your watercolours, look forward to seeing it in due course.

This is a lovely drawing Michael in it's own right but as I'm a fan of colour with a capital C I look forward to seeing the watercolour you produce from it as well.

I really like your sketches - so skilfull and they capture the feeling of the place without too much distracting detail. I would love to sketch like this.

Thanks everyone you are all so kind - yes will paint it soon

Super drawing Michael, it will look great as a watercolour.

I love the sketch. It would also make a beautiful painting Michael.

A lovely little drawing Michael, looking forward to seeing the painted version.

I'm running out of superlatives, Michael! Very, very nice indeed!

Hang on Studio Wall

Another of those quick on the spot sketches - could be a watercolour some time in the future

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