Amazing what you can see in this Michael, I see a Staffie dog looking out at me. Interesting and effective. But doubt if I will be having a go.

That's astonishingly vivid. What a marvelous merging of color. I like it.

Superb colours, reminds me of looking through a kaleidoscope.

Thanks Sylvia, Lewis ans Paul - fun to do and potentially commercial. It's very messy though and I got paint everywhere. Might try another in the next day or so.

I have done a few recently myself Michael and this is a fine example

Beautiful colours. I’ve wanted to have a go for a while now. But I’m sure to get in a mess.

Thanks Dennis and Ellen. Dennis - have you posted them - would love to see them.

Rubber balls and buckets and spades had patterns like this.

Sounds a great accolade Marjorie.

Love the vibrancy Michael. Keep going!

I just like the movement, you are very brave Michael.

Well done for trying something new. We don't see enough of that here. Reminds me of the marbling I use to try at at school with thinly mixed oil paint on water, to try to get Roger Dean-style Backgrounds, though I never got as much paint as you have achieved here. Looks very vibrant and clean. I am not looking for objects in it...just enjoying the colours.

Posted by T H on Sat 04 Jan 07:29:19

Thanks Carole and Timothy. Ah Roger Dean - now there's an exciting artist - why aren't there more like him?

Hang on Studio Wall

My very forst attempt at acrylic pour. Worked out okay and I can see some potential in this form. If you are interested I am about to post a topic about it in the forum.

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