Found Wood Sculptures abs2

Found Wood Sculptures abs2

Love it, Micheal. Off-beat and original, just what I like.

Very satisfying both to look at and, I’m sure to make. My husband before his accident, collected pieces of wood, mainly branches and pieces from the hedgerows and lanes. These he polished and shaped into beautiful “things” more abstract than yours Michael But equally fascinating .

That looks so good Michael, I think wood can be so tactile and I can understand how you are so attracted to it. I really like the shapes in this, cleverly done.

Thanks all. It is indeed tactile but they do take up room so(unlike paintings they can't be stacked on top of one another) so I don't make that many - just enough to keep the 'store' stocked.

This is good Michael, a very modern piece.

Really like this Michael. I see it as two entwined snakes hovering over an egg. Yes I know you're not meant to see things in an abstract piece but that was the image that came into my mind.

Thanks Fiona and Sandra - I liked the contrasting forms of the twisted wood and the symmetrical shapes. Actually it is nice when people do read into abstracts - it shows that they resonate and that the viewer is not simply dismissing the work out of hand as is so often the case.

Hang on Studio Wall

Here's the second one I promised to post - hope you like it.

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