Ikebana nr......


Another really nice piece of line and wash Mia, I must admit, not the thing for an old mountaineer to do, but I use to like flower arranging as I was a gardener at one point and I did Ikebaba, what is the story behind your arrangement. Really nice work well done.

Beautiful. It makes me want to have one of these plants.

Simple and beautiful Mia

Super Mia. As always you are very good at these "loose" sketches with just the right amount of wash.

Clean and elegant. Nicely done.

Beautiful arrangement Mia, delicately drawn.

So elegantly chic Mia.

Lovely composition and The fragility of your pen and ink painting is admirable Mia.

Thank you all so very, very much for your lovely comments. It has been a while since I took up my pen and paper (no interest, lack of energy?). But today I saw that picture in a magazine and immediately wanted to draw and paint it.

A lovely delicate painting Mia. Thought we’d missed you!

Beautiful Mia. Love the pen work. Don’t you find that you make less mistakes when going straight in with the pen?

Thank you Tessa and yes, Diana, when starting in ink immediately you have to stay more concentrated and the lines look more lively and naturel.

Beautiful painting and arrangement, I knew it was one of your paintings !!

Thank you very much, Linda.

Many thanks Maureen.

Exquisite, Mia! Love the economical use of lines and the very spontaneous feel of the piece.

Thank you very much, Seok. Much appreciated.

Beautiful - so delicate.

Thanks, Margaret, I appreciate!

So delicate and soft, just the right amount of colour that suits the subject, you have a lovely style Mia.

Thank you very much, Anjana.

Hang on Studio Wall

One of my favourite subjects: the Japanese art of flower arrangement. I used a waterproof marker and started immediately in ink (no pencil sketching first). I had to stay concentrated so that the composition on the paper was ok. I added some colour with my Inktense watercolour pencils and then gave it a wash here and there. Size A4. Comments are very welcome :) Mia

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