Brandenburgerhaus (Austria)

Brandenburgerhaus (Austria)

mia you have captured the freezing, difficult environment so well, you must be very determined, well done

Nice one Mia, I like the slightly stronger blue behind the building it adds focus, : )

A lovely reminder of a wonderful trip, sounds marvellous. I too like the focus you have clearly established in this painting.

Thank you very much, Tommy, William and Lesley, for your lovely comment. Because of a multiple posting of 17 drawings and paintings, I am already on page 6 or 7! I hope my regular viewers wil find me!

Agree with Willian, and Lesley. The slightly illuminated blue behind the building is really beautiful.

A good feeling of crystal fresh air. Lovely painting as usual Mia. Well done on the climb.

Found you ! Lovely fresh painting. Thankfully you're back to page 3! re that 17 postings, I'd seen lots of them posted here before!! I tell myself not to get annoyed but I can't help myself from pointing the obvious drawbacks to the rest of us out!!

Thanks Ping, Carole and Louise. I always appreciate your comments very much. Those 17 postings were supposed to be a reorganisation of the artist's portfolio's. I posted a comment, asking what he was doing and he replied with an apology and deleted the whole reorganisation. He didn't realise that the whole change would appear again on the gallery home page.

The conte works well here with the watercolour Mia. Nice crisp cool feel to the painting, I bet the air up there felt like champagne. That does sound like hard work to get to it though!

Your effort in getting to the house was rewarded by a very sharp painting - do you still do these mammoth treks through the mountains? I found the conté pierre noir pencil the other day: I've used conté hard pastel for a long time, but never in pencil form before. Must make use of it. You achieve very subtle results with it.

Thank you very much, Jenny and Robert for your lovely comments. Conté pencils are so useful (in my opinion) to accentuate a drawing or a watercolour, I love the texture they give. Because of the tough and difficult climbing to get to the Haus, I felt that Conté pencil had the strength I needed to represent the effort. It took me several months of training in the gym to be fit enough to achieve this. My husband did those tours for more than 20 years with his friends and at last I agreed to accompany him (but just the two of us!). We started in 1999 and gradually he made the treks more and more difficult (we had to carry all our equipment all the way in a (very) heavy rucksack). Finally we did this special high tour and that was the end if it, no regrets because that was finishing in beauty!!!. I am not allowed to do this anymore because of heartproblems. So it will be one of the nicest moments in my life to remember.

I absolutely love this, Mia! The composition is great and conveys the light, the cold and the long hard climb! It's just beautiful.

Many thanks for your positive comment. Can I ask you: do I call you Seok or Yam or... I know that Yu Ping Eddy is Ping . I thought she was a man called Eddy, because that was more familiar to me but on one of her comments she explained that she was a lady called Ping and married to a Mr. Eddy.

Very effective painting Mia, top of the building just breaking up the skyline, well done

Thank you very much, Neil. Your comment is much appreciated!!

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This is a picture of the Brandenburgerhaus (3274m) in the Oetztal (Austria). A few years ago I did a hut-tour with my husband, climbing from one hut to another starting in Vent (Oetztal-Austria). This was the highest hut and I was very proud to finally get there, after a very difficult crossing of a snow-field, glacier and muddy mountain-paths. It is a watercolour painting with accents and details using a Conte pencil - pierre noire. I photographed the hut just before starting the last climb on the rocks to find the entrance (on the backside)!!!

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