For my grand-daughter / 3

For my grand-daughter / 3

The last 3 paintings are so charming- the colours are vibrant too.

Thank you very much, Alexandra, I appreciate the feedback

Years and years (and years) ago, there was a series of children's books by, I think, Eve St Leger (or something like that), one of which was entitled Oh, Nutatall .... see if you can find them. I think your drawings/paintings would work very well with them. Children love bright, unusual image (or at least, I did, 50 odd years ago) and idiosyncratic drawing - all they get these days are computerized simulations, violence, and sexualized junk.... your granddaughter is lucky to have an alternative.

Thank you very much, Robert. I will certainly look out for the book, if still available. A lot of people tell me I should start a career in children's book illustration, but I think I am a bit too old for that now. Just pleasing my grand-children with some birthday-cards or something for their room (I have 6 grand-children, so a lot of work to do). Also when I have an exhibition, I put some of those in and then watch the surprised faces of the visitors!!!

I have just come across this it's a beautiful portfolio.Lucky Grandchildren that's what I say.

Posted by Joy Lee on Wed 25 May 12:10:44

Thank you very much for your positive comment, Joy. I appreciate!!!!

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The third one.

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