The end of the path

The end of the path

But of course.... works well, especially the treatment of the foliage: very characteristic of your approach!

Lovely subdued colours and the tree seems to have real character. My only critisism would be that the tree appears to sit on top of the wall instead of in the middle distance. Maybe one should be less detailed than the other, or maybe move the gate to show the base of the tree. I just love the tree and think maybe understate the wall. Having said that I probably couldn't have painted it as well as you have,so you could just ignore me.

Thank you for your comments, Robert and David. David, the tree was supposed to stand directly behind the wall, so maybe I should have painted the base of the tree a little bit more narrow. This would have given the impression that the base of the tree and the wall are on the same level?

Narrowing the trunk at the bottom would probably overcome the problem, but it's one of perception - it might look as though it's growing from the wall itself, but only at first sight: our experience of the world as it is rapidly corrects that impression, I think. I do see what David means, but it didn't strike me that way on first viewing... So I wouldn't alter it, just use this as a good excuse to paint it again. Coincidentally, I'm faced with a very similar problem in a painting I want to do, so I'm hoping David's advice will be useful...

So you see, David and Robert, that it sometimes needs an objective eye to point out something you are overlooking all the time. Even my husband and daughters (who are all very critical about my "mistakes"), didn't see it.

Another lovely tree. You manage to keep your subjects so simple - illustrating just the essential. Thanks for your comment on my gallery; like you POL encouraged me to paint as everyone is so positive.

Hi Mia thank you 4 ur advice I did post some comments on some work but not sure if did it correctly.I love ur trees , my favorite is' The end of the path' it would b the sort of place I'd love to sit and take in the world calm ,peaceful & beautiful

Thank you for your lovely comment, Melia. I am glad that I (maybe) was of any help.

Hi Mia I must admit I have only just found this, I think it is a great job, really good wall, as you know I like walls, as for the tree question, all I would do would be to slightly fade the bottom of the tree and that will push the top dark line of the wall forward

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I am rather proud of the way I painted the tree (off center of course!).

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