Quick sketch - What is wrong?


To me I think there are too many petals, it has more of a carnation look . You could also have some of the larger petals bent a little bit to show the underside . It’s still a nice sketch Mia.

It’s a lovely drawing as usual. Maybe the base leaves are too similar to the flower head. Stalk maybe thinner. I think it’s lovely anyway

I like it .. my thought is that the flower head must have drooped for you to get this angle when the stem is so straight?

I think the stem might be too thick for the flower….

Thank you all very much for your comments. And you are absolutely right, I can see the "mistakes" now. I have to keep those in mind when I make the final painting. I also combined two photo's and that was not ok.

I am not sure, I like it

Thank you very much, Romila.

I think Marjorie has it, the stem is a bit too thick for the daisy flower, but otherwise it’s your usual lovely style Mia!

Yes, that's it. Thank you very much Tessa.

Hang on Studio Wall

My grand-daughter asked me to paint her a daisy picture for her room. So I started to do some sketches (immediately in ink) to have an idea for the composition. I can't say that I am very happy about this. There is something wrong with it but I can't see what. Do you have an idea? All comments are welcome :) Mia

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