My favourite tree in a landscape

My favourite tree in a landscape

Yes - I do prefer it to the first one as the added lines of landscape help to give the tree scale. The tree is so beautifully drawn - I have such admiration for the ability to produce such classy work as this.

Like them both, Mia, but I think I marginally prefer this one. You've added depth to the painting, and it is beautifully drawn, as in the first version.

Mia, your tree's are faultless, as is all your art work. Beautiful lines and always just enough information. I'm sorry to hear you have been unwell, I hope you are feeling much better and you continue to a full recovery.

Beautifully drawn ... a very stylish tree. I like it !

Have just looked at Kirstie's latest tree picture . . . Yours is so beautifully draw drawn as well and I also prefer it with a suggestion of the background. It makes my day to see all these trees so skilfully portrayed.

Full of character, just like all your sketches :)

The tree is quite slender and upright and I think the simple background helps the overall image. I also think the background is well placed in that if it was any higher or lower it wouldn't look quite right. I prefer this one.

A lovely drawing Mia, catching up on some postings so haven't seen the other one yet.

Thank you all very, very much for your lovely comments. It feels good to be back!

Simple and to the point leaving it to the brain to interpret - great Mia

Thank you Michael, always appreciating your comments. :) Mia

Super drawing as always Mia, I like the depth and dimension of the added landscape.

Another beauty Mia!

Thanks Lesley and Petra for taking the time to post such nice comments.

Lovely Mia, I like them both but think I do prefer this one.

Hi Denise, thank you very much for your positive comment. I appreciate!

Thank you very much, Carole. I have no favourite myself but my hubby (my most severe critic!!!) liked this one more.

Hang on Studio Wall

This is another version of one of my favourite trees. I added a landscape to bring the tree more forwards. Don't know if it is better than the first one. What do you think? Thanks all for having a look and maybe posting a comment.

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