March Forum Challenge

March Forum Challenge

This is good Mia. Love your use if inks and interesting isn't it how not using an initial pencil drawing adds so much to the spontaneous feel of work. Pencil lines just seem to slow things down for me!

Thanks Louise. Yes, I agree about the initial pencil drawing but you have to think a lot more and concentrate before putting the pen on the paper! It certainly isn't very easy but I love this way of working.

Well done, dive straight in, no need for pencils! Good subject Mia, plenty of movement.

Quite scarry but enjoyable to draw immediately in ink , a very good flying eagle, Mia.

This is another great one for the challenge, 😀

I can’t use pencil before an ink sketch either Mia, or a watercolour.....unless there are buildings, it feels like I’m colouring in and it gets tight. This is a marvellous addition to the challenge.

Thank you very much Alan, Annick, Linda and Fiona. Your comments are always highly appreciated. Yes, Fiona, except for buildings and other perspective problems, it feels like colouring by numbers.

It’s certainly ready to catch its prey Mia. Brilliant.

Thank you very much Carole and Gudrun.

Fabulous, Mia! I hardly ever use pencil before ink either.

Thank you very puch, Margaret for your positive compliment. I think a wrong line in ink is not a mistake but makes you concentrate better.

This off course should be "thank you very Much"!

Love this - I never use pencil first - the mark making is much more exciting using pen straight away! I once went to a class where the tutor insisted on a pencil line first and it felt most uncomfortable to me. Go for it!!

Thank you very much, Rachel.

Great flight image Mis. Indeed, it can be scary "diving" straight in with ink, but worth it.

This is brilliant Mia and exactly right for the challenge, great movement!

Many thanks Richard and Margaret. I appreciate!

Excellent work Mia.

A real cracker Mia. Nice work.

Hang on Studio Wall

This sketch of a flying eagle was done using watersoluble Quink Ink in an Artpen. I drew immediately in ink, no pencil drawing first. When dry, I gave it a wash with clear water. Size A4. All comments as usual very, very welcome :)

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