Alan's Challenge / The Finished Work

Alan's Challenge / The Finished Work

I like both versions! I keep intending to do one of Alan's challenges and I have the boats in the back of my mind. Toddler takes up a lot time so I squease art in when I can. 0530 this morning ....

I liked the drawing and of course I like this - how different it is from Alan's loose painting - I'd like to have a go at Alan's challenges, but (for once!) I've plenty of ideas of my own to be working on: so relieved that I have, because I was in a completely dark tunnel of non-creativity just a few weeks ago; an awful experience.... Did you find, I wonder, as I suspected looking at Alan's drawing, that actually this was quite a complex scene? I think he's gradually increasing the level of complexity - like the brilliant teacher he is.

Thanks Gudrun and Robert for your positive comments. And yes, Robert, I agree about the level of complexity of Alan's challenges. He has more and more detail in his own work too. He is a superb artist and teacher!

You've done a wonderful job Mia, lovely washes and your cottages are perfect. Alan will be thrilled.

Love your treatment of this Mia and different again from my attempt. I am never surprised when teaching students how different their work can be despite all starting from the same sketch and following (or supposed to be following) the same techniques.

... what a strange way to spell "squeeze" .... I thought it looked strange!

Lovely painting Mia, I like both versions, but I think the colour just 'pips' it for me.

I loved the pen drawing, Mia, but I like this just as much, if not more so. I, too, often think of having a go at one of Alan's challenges, but using acrylics....perhaps watered down to watercolour consistency. However, I find that if I lie down in a darkened room for a while the feeling soon passes.

You already know I'm a fan of your delicate pen and washes. As much as I admire Alans work, you have your own way and I love it.

Hi Mia, Just back after a few days away and saw this in my 'catch up'.This is truly gorgeous.Am not up to speed with whatever challenge is going on but this is great.Love it

Been having trouble with my internet connection so I've missed such a lot on the gallery pages but today it seems OK thankfully so I can comment on this delightful pen and wash. You and Alan have such different styles yet you both can produce wonderful paintings of the same scene. Brilliant.

Lovely work as always Mia.

Really like this one Mia, lovely work!

Thank you all so very much for your positive comments. I hope Alan will approve my different technique.

I like it very much. You have managed to create a great variety of colours .

This is wonderful, Mia. Done in your own superb style, this is such a lovely gentle scene. I bet Alan will be thrilled that it has worked out so well. I did think of having a go at Alan's challenge but I couldn't do it justice, especially with artist's like you turning out such super work!

Thanks Sarah and Thea. I always appreciate your comments.

What a beautifully finished piece, Mia! Gorgeous!

Hang on Studio Wall

It is finished, OUF.. and the sun was still there, so I could photograph it.... For the different washes, I used mixes of ultramarine blue, raw sienna, burnt umber, burnt sienna, that's it. In reality, the ultramarine in the sky is a bit darker but it looks well on the photo, I think. I am rather pleased with it and even my hubby, my severest critic, said it was ok. What do you all think, any comment is very, very welcome. Thanks :) Mia

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