Great illustration Mia, good idea.

Thank you very much, Carole. I found it rather difficult to illustrate that abstract theme and also because during the holiday-months, I did not draw or paint very much. So to get started again took a lot of "winding myself up". I am curieus to see what the other local artists made of it. The official opening of the exhibition is on Friday. I already know now that (like some other years) several artist just enter a work with no connection at all with the theme...

Another of your so lovely work Mia. It is brilliant.

Thanks Beatrice. I appreciate your comment very much.

An absolutely charming painting Mia, how did you get on in the competition? you should have done well! Many thanks for your kind comments on my "Trio" paintings.

Thank you very much Bill for your positive comment. I must tell you, it is not a competition. The municipal authorities are just organizing an annual exhibition for all the local artists on their list. Every artist is allowed to exhibit one work about a fixed theme. Some follow that theme, some don't. I had many positive comments on my work, especially because we were only three of us with a watercolour painting. I think it is a very positive initiative by the city councel to give every artist the opportunity to show some work. I personaly have every two years a solo exhibition in the "Old Town Hall" here. It is situated in the main street and I must admit (in all honesty) it is rather successful.

I really like this painting, great composition and beautiful colours. You have a great portfolio, I particularly like your "witches". Thanks for your kind comments on my paintings

Thank you very much, Petra!

I only joined the site this year so have only just seen your colourful and beautiful gallery.That's why it may seen strange that I have only just commented.

Posted by Joy Lee on Tue 19 Apr 13:58:14

Thank you very much for your comment, Joy Lee, I appreciate.

Hang on Studio Wall

This is my entry for the "Local Artists" exhibition in Blankenberge. The theme was: "The four elements: earth, air, water, fire". This seemed a bit too abstract to me, so I made a little witch-drawing using full watercolour and accents with conte-pencil pierre noire. If you look closer, you even can see the other elements in it. In the real painting, the difference between the sand and the fire is more visible than in the photo.

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