Pen, wash and Nescafe

Pen, wash and Nescafe

Another of your famous coffee paintings! You've worked this to great effect. I am hoping to get to printing today, if I don't get distracted by tennis ....

Those coffee paintings of yours are getting to be legendary, Mia! It's fabulous - the coffee really does add an extra dimension to an elegant and accomplished piece.

Lovely drawing Mia, it gives a great tone to it.

Loving the coffee tones Mia. It works incredibly well.

So delicate and lovely Mia! Coffee gives a great touch of sepia colour.

Great shade that coffee Mia, so innovative beautiful little drawing.

Realistic, clever and inventive.

Good use of coffee Mia..lovely drawing!

I can smell the coffee from here Mia. I like this a lot and it looks very delicate. Also, if you get thirsty, you can always lick it.

The perfect caffeine hit Mia.....very clever!

Lovely sketch and the coffee is perfect fir the leaves. It would never have entered my head to use coffee, though I do rinse my brush in tea on a regular basis!! Diana

Thank you all for your lovely and positive comments. I do appreciate very, very much!

I've got a mug of coffee alongside me - you make me feel guilty drinking it when you can use it to produce something like this,

Thanks Michael, this really is a compliment. Don't feel guilty, I also drink my coffee most of the time!

brilliantly observed Mia, love the coffee story!

Thank you, Lesley. I really enjoyed doing this!

It's lovely, Mia. I have known Jean Haines to paint some blackberries with their juice! So I wouldn't worry about the coffee!!! I think your ink drawing is lovely too.

Thank you very much, Jennifer.

Hang on Studio Wall

After drawing immediately in water-soluble ink, I gave it a wash with clear water here and there. Then I found that there was not enough difference between the little flowers and the leaves. The only colour I had at hand was my cup of Nescafe, so....What do you think? I know it is not lightfast, but as an experiment... Thanks for having a look .

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