English cottage

English cottage

Very nice Mia, I like the way you just hinted at the distant trees, 'less is more' as the saying goes.

nice painting Mia, I like the subject you chose to paint and the way you rendered the thatched roof, all to-gether a nice piece

There are several like this in my village but not enough - you have really captured it - well done Mia

Beautiful painting Mia, I too love this thatched roof cottages, lovely subject, very well painted as usual

Just gorgeous Mia, the thatch is really well done.

I remember this painting Mia, the colours sing together beautifully. Lovely to see it again :)

Full of olde worlde charm, a super drawing.

Lovely painting Mia, wish there were more about like this!

Absolutely gorgeous, Mia! Lovely colors and superb draughtsmanship so very typical of your work! Love the thatched roof and the details. It's really beautiful!

Super work Mia, I love how you've handled the trees!

Wow, so many lovely comments! Thank you all so very, very much.

Just a lovely picture, Mia, that for me conveys comfort and calmness. I love the way you have handled all the foliage.

Thanks Lionel. Nice positive comment, I appreciate! :) Mia

Very pretty, I wish that my "railway" cottage looked like this :)

Thank you very much, Sarah, this is a lovely comment!

Yup Mia - same with me - the neck. Just had my MRI scan resulst today which told me what I already knew. Extensive wear & tear causing damage to the neck and a slipped disc which is causing a bulge and pressure on the nerve. The nerve unfortunately goes down my right arm - which restricts my painting/drawing. No one can see this though and so my boss is less than sympathetic and it worries me that at 50 years old I may loose my job. My chiropractitioner has asked that I only wear my neck brace for a couple of hours each day so as not to weaken the muscles. Do you have yours on permanently? With great empathy & understanding for your predicament - Jamie PS. God day today and so able to use the computer more than before. Your work is great - by the way - as if you didn;t know!!

Pen and Wash perfection and great to see lots of people agreed, well done Mia ,

Hang on Studio Wall

A re-posting of an earlier work (deleted by accident). Pen and wash of what in my opinion is a typical English cottage. I love those cottages very much. All comments very welcome :) Mia

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