Monochrome sketch

Monochrome sketch

Wow Mia, this is a wonderful drawing, very skillfully done.

Thank you very much Margaret.

I like the delicate ink washes in this Mia, a lovely drawing.

Lovely sensitive work Mia.

Many thanks Val and Stephen. I appreciate.

Nicw work Mia. Striking effect and a nice picture.

Thank you very much Jim for your lovely positive comment.

This is lovely Mia. The composition and tonal values are just right. I don't think I'd have put in the vertical lines in the background just a light, blurred wash so the tree and bridge stand out with nothing to distract. ( It's only my opinion and I'm no specialist!)

Thanks Avril. About the lines in the background: I also am not sure about them but was has be done is done and I already gave them a wash before realising that it was too strong :)

This is very attractive Mia. I like the addition of the washes. Whenever I do a sketch like this I'm always tempted to drop in some washes but that may be because my sketching skills are not so good. I always want to go on to use paint. I haven't benn commenting much recently - or painting - but that doesn't mean I don't appreciate the postings. Will try harder !

No problem at all with this one, Mia - I should like to see you tackle it with a dip pen and Indian ink, or Chinese ink perhaps, with the tones added in dilute ink or lamp black watercolour. Now there's a challenge (in fact, I think you'd find it easier; and the dip pen would give even more character to the calligraphic elements). I've just seen the comment about the lines at the back - but of course you needed something there; deciding on just what isn't easy - maybe a wash of dilute ink or watercolour? But I think you knew you needed something there and you were right.

Thank you very much Marjorie and Robert. Robert, I used to draw with a dip pen and Chinese or Indian ink in my younger years (!!!) but not lately. So, I take up the challenge and my next pen and wash will be using my old materials, if the ink is still ok (it is about 50 years old!).

Same again on this one Mia, great technique but needs a bit more tone perhaps.

Great drawing Mia, so interesting.

Ink tends to last well in the bottle, but give it a good firm shake if it's genuine Indian ink. I used to love working with it, and I have a cigar box full of dip pens, and another one full of nibs - I should do more with them.... I'll take you as an inspiration! By the way, I know you've had problems with your neck, as have I - get someone else to give the bottle a good shake (making sure the stopper/top is firmly in place or much fun is in store): I have put my neck out in the past doing this - and seriously, this can really put you back in severe pain all too easily.

Thanks for your positive comments Alan and Carole. I do appreciate very much. Robert, thanks for the tip about the Indian ink, I will ask my hubby to shake it for me! After all those years of not opening it, I think the bottle will be firmly closed. Many, many years ago, I received a box of 144 nibs as a present. I think there are about 100 left during the years. So you gave me the idea of looking for them (I know where they are!) and using them again. I am looking forward to seeing your pen work in the gallery.

A delightful sketch Mia.....super.

Thank you very much for the positive comment, Fiona.

Lovely markings here, Mia!

Many thanks, Jennifer.

Another delicate lovely sketch Mia . Well done.

Hang on Studio Wall

I used watersoluble ink and started immediately in ink, no pencil drawing first. Size A4. All comments very welcome :)

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