To keep in touch

To keep in touch

Very jolly and super in it's simplicity. Makes a wonderful card - I would buy it if I saw it in a shop! So sorry to hear about your neck and back. I have quite bad cervical spondilitis which is often very painful - joys of ageing I'm afraid. Luckily the bad episodes are short and I can blot them out by doing something interesting, like painting. Sounds as if your pain is too bad to do that - I do hope it gets better very soon. Take care.

Interesting how we re find things. What a great sense of design....feel well soon X

Glad you are on the mend Mia-- missed your postings. ---- Us old has beens we have always got one problem or another ---- Oh postings good I like it

Dear Mia....Good to have a contact from you again but sorry for the reason which has kept you away. People experience and deal with pain in individual ways and I'm sure you will beat your own problem given time. Just go easy on yourself, the collar is a nuisance, especially in hot weather (whatever that is!!!) but it helps. Bless and take care.

Thank you very much Thea, Sylvia, Charles and Ruth for your lovely comments and sympathy. I really appreciate.

Hope you're up and about soon

Good to hear you are on the mend and look forward to future postings - as good as this one as I know they will be!

Lovely card Mia, and hope your recovery is fast and that you'll be back to posting soon.

Wonderful design and gallery. Get well soon.

Thanks Kirstie, Paul, Michael, Jane and Pat for your nice comments. It is a real boost to read them. I hope to be ready to paint again soon. :) Mia.

I really like this Mia it brings back memories of the patterns and shapes of the sixties. If it was in colour I expect it would be very psychedelic LOL So sorry you have been in so much pain and I hope you make a full recovery very soon.

Have missed your postings Mia, a lovely card. I wish you a speedy recovery and look forward to your future paintings.

Hope that all is much better with you soon and as for the card very nice :) Look after yourself Mia and see you back on here more regularly in the near future, I hope :)

So glad to hear you're recovering, Mia. I wish you a full and speedy recovery. Love this card - it's quirky and showy, yet anchored in good draftsmanship and beautiful lines. Super!

Lovely to see you posting Mia, I hope you will be fully recovered very soon.

Thank you very much Val, Glennis, Sarah, Seok and Fiona for your lovely comments. I really, really do appreciate. You are all so kind and friendly to me :) Mia

The design brought back memories from my youth too. Hope that you get well soon Mia! Take care.

Very graphical design Mia, I like it. I do wish you well with your slipped disc, and hope you feel better soon. I have missed you on here !!

Sorry for the late respons, Satu and Denise. Thanks for your lovely comments. I certainly appreciate.

Must be the last to comment! So sorry that pain is stopping you from enjoying your favourite activity..painting and drawing or even enjoying other people's work on the internet. I do hope by now that you're feeling better. I love the design too..... just like some wall paper we used (OMG!) in the early seventies. I received an entry form for Namur 2013 but it's far too constraining and expensive! (if I were selected!)

All comments are always very welcome, Avril, especially coming from such a talented artist as you are, thank you very much. I know all about the expensive Salons, used to take part in some for several years. Except for the positive comments, nothing came out of it, just the entry fees I had to pay!!! Now I prefer solo exhibitions now and then.

Hi Mia, a lovely surprise to recieve your very kind comment on my last posting. I do hope you are well on your way back to full health and will soon delight us all with you super ink works....I'm trying to keep the ink side up but I'm failing miserably. So, you need to rescue us! Good luck with your up and coming exhiition, hope all goes well. X

Hi Mia. I didn't know that you'd been poorly and have missed your postings on the pol site. Hope you're recovering. Take care. Kind regards.

Hang on Studio Wall

An Archive Ink Drawing, just to keep in touch and say Thanks to all the kind, nice POL-members who asked why I wasn't posting any work for the moment and posted some good wishes about my health. I just saw on the Gallery that I wasn't the only one to suffer from slipped discs and trapped nerves in my neck. I still have to wear my neck brace during the day but can take it off for the night. Painting, drawing and working on the computer for too long is not allowed and too painful. I just have to be patient and I know by experience that it will get better in a few weeks. By the way, this drawing is a birthday card I made during my student years at Art Teaching School in Bruges. It was for my mother-in-law to be and when she passed away, we found all the cards I did sent her in a box. She did keep them all....

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