One perfect rose

One perfect rose

You should make a book of these exquisite paintings, Mia. They are so delicate and beautifully done that they deserve to be see by a wider audience.

Another beautiful combination. Are these published as cards or a book or whatever? Many thanks for your lovely comments on my recent work.

Mia! So good to see you posting again - I missed your work! Another lovely piece. I think I've seen this rose before, but it is still good on second viewing. The way you tinted the rose really makes the petals turn. Well done! Coincidentally, I just visited Harrie's website yesterday, and it's really a great showcase of synergy between the two of you - Harrie's lovely calligraphy and your beautiful drawings. I won't pick a favorite, because there are so many I like. What a wonderful effort!

Thank you very much, Thea, Diana and Seok for your lovely comments. Because we were on a wonderful, sunny holiday trip to Germany for more than 2 weeks, I was not able to post any work. No, they are not published, because Harrie and I are retired, it would give us a lot of administration work (taxes!!!!) to start a new official carreer. Seok, the rose you saw is nr.9 in this portfolio "What are we asking...". I liked this shape so much that I used it more than once, according to the text.

Agree with everyone, your work together with Harrie's wonderful calligraphy made everypiece so spicial and such a beautiful feeling to view. I do missed your work as well, but I am happy for you to have a lovely holiday...

Oh Mia, this is fantastic. Calligraphy has never been my strong subject and I much admire your beautiful creation.

Thank you Ping and Béatrice. I appreciate your comments very much.

Hi Mia, hope you enjoyed your holiday. I just wanted to thank you for your very kind (and completely undeserved) comments on my latests doodles. I have to agree with Diane and Thea. These deserve a wider audience, either as gift cards, or compiled into a book. Retirement is just another chapter in our life story. It shouldn't be the full stop!

Thank you very much, Tony, for your positive comments. Much appreciated, also by Harrie!

Hello Mia, and thanks for missing my mountains! I, in turn, miss much of your work because I'm too lazy (and busy!) to stray beyond the watercolour gallery. My loss, for your work is totally unique, finely executed and delicately expressive. In short, the antithesis of my frenzied daubings!

I appreciate your lovely comment very much, Kim. Looking forward to seeing more of your work!!

Hang on Studio Wall

A new combination of my pen and wash and calligraphy by Harrie Voet. More Info: Harrie's website: "" - galerie VI "kalligrafie in aquarellen. All comments on the "gastenboek" (even in English are welcome). Also see my Blog "Mia" - about the calligraphy.

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