Little village

Little village

It looks great to me Mia.

That was quick, Michael. Thank you very much for your lovely comment.

Should it be right hand "sight" or "side". I apologize if it is wrong. I am Flemish and English is not my first language.

Very nicely drawn Mia, I think the stronger ink work on the right hand side is a good lead into the scene.

Certainly not too heavy on either side - the grasses are balanced by the sweeping path on the left. I might have made the horizon a bit higher or lower rather than close to central but that's a minor point - great sketch Mia.

This is so lovely Mia, the the old road leading to a quaint village.

It’s lovely Mia, it’s a well balanced picture if one was being ultra critical you could move the tower a bit more to the right but I think it’s great as it is.

It works very well as it is Mia - lovely sketch.

Thank you all for your lovely, positive comments.

I'm with the others, Mia. i think its nicely balanced with the grasses and the path leading into the picture.

Thanks very much, Dawn. All those nice comments really are a boost for my confidence!

It's a very lovely piece Mia, a great village painting.

Thank you very much Margaret.

I think you have it balanced just right Mia, a lovely little sketch.

I recognised your beautiful delicate pen work immediately Mia. Wonderful composition.

Wow. Thank you all so very much for your positive comments. I highly appreciate.

Lovely little shetch Mia. well done.

Thanks Syd, for taking the time to post such a positive comment.

Mia...hello...I very much like this sketch and realise I have not seen much of your work, actually, but I am going to look now, it seems very delicate and fresh.

Thank you very much for your nice comment, Ruth. I appreciate!

It is perfect. My current art teacher says that a painting or drawing should not be the same on both sides, so no, in my opinion it is not too heavy on the right at all.

I very much appreciate your comment, Chris. Thank you!

Hang on Studio Wall

All of a sudden I felt the urge of making a quick sketch of something. I had a look at my own photo's and found this little village a few km's from where I live. I made a direct sketch in ink with a watersoluble marker and, when dry, I gave it a wash with clear water. What do you think? Is it too heavy on the right hand sight? All comments very welcome :) Mia

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