St. Anna-ter-Muiden

St. Anna-ter-Muiden

this is lovely Mia, I can see you enjoy painting with those pens

nice one Mia.. I like your pen work ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,..less is more as they say

Lovely pen& wash Mia, I especially like the tree & church.

As you know I love this style of work - well done.

Such lovely names and pictures.!

Thank you all so very much for your lovely comments. Alan, welcome back!

Lovely Mia. I love that soft tint with the wash.

Very well placed composition, super.

This painting has the perfect triangle composition from the tree to the church to the more prominant post on the right hand side. I don't know why - but this always seems to work and adds a sense of balance and harmony to a painting. Lovely delicate penwork enhances the scene.

Thank you Carole, Lesley and Thea for your positive comments. Thea, I am surprised about what you can see in the composition, it certainly was not intentionaly, it just felt right at the moment!

Thea, I just saw your comment on Debs poppies and she is right: you should be an art critic, being so good with words!!!!

Gosh Mia - thank you but I just react to what I see. I absolutely love viewing the diversity of work on this site and I have a gut reaction to it and like to give the feedback to the artist. Re the triangle in this painting, in one way I think it is good that you didn't intend it or really plan it as you obviously did it by instinct. That instinct is a fantastic attribute to have and I do see it in your work in the way you compose paintings or place a single rose in the perfect position on the paper. I think I have mentioned this before. I sometimes have an instinct, but too often have to think about it rather too much!!

A super, super piece, Mia! Wonderful composition, and your signature tree is beautifully done, as usual.

Thank you very much for the lovely comment, Thea and Seok. I appreciate your feedback very much!

Hang on Studio Wall

Another pen and wash using an Rotring Artpen with watersoluble (and not lightfast) ink. I love the texture of those pens but framing and selling is impossible. Although I like to draw with those pens, they are very pleasant to work with.

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I live in Blankenberge on the Belgian Coast, about 15km from Bruges. After being trained as an art teacher in the 60ties, I started teaching for a few years. Then I had my carreer in a school administration. After retirement, I started drawing and painting again. I bought a lot of English books…

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