Challenge Michael or someone?

Challenge Michael or someone?

Well I think it's great Mia - beautifully done - and challenge? Well yes I'm up for it - as soon as I find a few moments - might be later today if not tomorrow latest.

Good confident minimal brush strokes Mia!

Allright, I'll take the challenge too!

While I was drawing it, I was thinking about who else could take the challenge, not only Michael and your name came up, Ivan. I hope others will participate too. I like challenges! Thank you Louise for your lovely comment.

Just done one Mia..couldn't resist the challenge as always!

It's surprising how few strokes are needed to make a recognisable animal. Well done.

Wow, Louise, good for you. I think we have to do more of those exercises, it is great fun and you have to draw it very quickly to have fluent lines. Thanks Margaret, I appreciate your positive comment. Why don't you try it?

You've started something I didn't do very well but enjoyed it. You know what you're doing, excellent result.

Thanks Fiona for your nice (naughty) comment. It made me smile. I didn't know it was to be such a success with unexpected results. I am glad you enjoyed it.

Please do, Gudrun, it is such great fun! Thanks for the lovely comment.

Hang on Studio Wall

Watching the jumping competition at the Olympics, I admired the beautiful horses. So, I wanted to draw one with a few lines, as less as possible. After binning some, I am 'rather' pleased with this one. So, I challenge you all to do the same. As you can see it is not a profile but a 3/4 pose.No pencil drawing to begin, just started with the ink immediately. My late art teacher said: "Painting or drawing is 10% inspiration and 90% transpiration", well, he was right. What do you think of it? All comments are very, very welcome :) Mia

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