Daily painting


That's a fabulous still life.

Just read the painted over bit! Am glad we got to see it!!

Ha ha, and I was just about to delete it from here

Now you’re showing off! 😉 Here’s me, can’t even get started and you do one, just like that, AND .....paint over it! ☹️ It’s gorgeous, especially the way you have painted the oil bottle with the minute hint of blue in the base and the stopper. Is there a tiny hint of digital there, the mix works.....like it. After your advice, I’ve been messing about cropping etc. I think that’s the way to go. Thanks for having a think about it for me Marjorie and your words of wisdom. If I crack on, I may have it finished and painted over by morning. 😇 Thanks again. X

Lovely still life Marjorie. Glad we got to see it.

Thanks Sarah and Denise. Fiona, nothing gets past you - I swiped it with dig. before I painted over it.

Super work, Marjorie. I'm getting the possibly wrong idea...you painted it, and then almost immediately painted over it...seems a bit harsh. Glad you took the photo. I can seldom paint over my stuff...wrong media...but I often paint 'on the back' of a painting.

Very realistic still life. Pity I've already had dinner!

That dark splash of background really highlights and contrasts with those bottles - nice oil sketch Marjorie!

Lovely still life, the glass bottle is really well rendered

Fabulous still life - oh, why have you painted over it?

Well thanks everyone for your comments, it was a little topic for the art club, something you would come across in the house. After I'd painted it I imported it into an art app to fiddle a bit with the background. Next day, because I'd used alkyds, it was dry so I decided to paint over it- with a beach scene😁.There you go, a rather longer explanation for a quickie.

This is fantastic, Marjorie. I am glad you posted it here for us to admire!

Nice still life, but perhaps the canvas needs a bigger painting.

I just love the immediacy of this piece, it's gorgeous!

No Linda, the whole idea was to have a " partial" with the natural canvas surrounding it. Thanks for looking and thanks,too, Mia, Michael and Seok.

Great drawing in this one, Marjorie

Thalia, thanks, funny what others see and what you see, yourself.

Perfect colours, great still life Marjorie. Shame you obliterated it 🤨

Thanks Maureen, Carole, you can't hang on to them all😊

I often paint over mine too x

Really like this Marjorie, glad you shared it before it’s demise!

Thanks very much, Katy.

Beautiful painting Marjorie!

Hang on Studio Wall

A quickie which I've now painted over.

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