Reflections on a marble top

Reflections on a marble top

Beautiful still realism? Capturing the light perfectly.

Beautiful Marjorie great light colours and surfaces

Not quite photo realism I hope, Andre. In reality it does look like a painting, some touches have been lost in the photoing. Thanks both, Andre and Dennis.

Terrific light and reflections Marjorie and the water droplets look so real great work.

I agree with the others, beautifully painted, and the water droplets are excellent.

Absolutely stunning!

terrific eye and skill in the detail Marjorie, it makes for a great painting. Like the composition.

Beautiful colour and very eye catching Marjorie.

Beautiful reflections and the water droplets are amazing!

Beautifully painted Marjorie those apples and water splashes look so real

This is a beauty clever lady :)

That's brilliant Marjorie, great shades of light and dark 😃

Really fabulous painting Marjorie love the pools of water on the marble top and the fruit is so real.

I think it is perfect as it is Marjorie, I love the background colours and the reflective elements. AMAZING.

Thanks so much for all the comments.

Captured really well

That's great Marjorie. I like the way the light catches the apples and those water droplets and the reflections in the marble.

I wouldn't change it at all. Love the water droplets.

Derek, Val and Sarah - thankyou for those comments.

Now this is how to do a still life, I need lessons from you Marjorie!

Very nice., like this a lot.

Beautiful still life Marjorie. Your reflections are marvellous as are the water drops and I really like the colours.

This really is eye catching, no wonder there are so many comments.

No you don't Fiona! Thanks for the comments, Lee, Margaret and Tony!

This is beginning to sound like a pantomime Fiona!

This painting gives me instant satisfaction. The fruit are so realistic.

Posted on Wed 17 Jan 11:40:29

Ibolya, thankyou very much.

A beautiful painting with such skilful reflections. I love the way the background gives life to the composition but is so subtly done Marjorie.

Oh yes it is!!! Marjorie thank you for letting me know about Facebook, I’m not on Facebook, so unless my other half tells me I’m not aware of any listings. X Thank you 😊

I see no need to do more,here. (I had a prof. who said it takes 2 artists to paint a picture- One to paint it, the other to say when to Stop!)

Absolutely gorgeous, Marjorie! Superb rendition of light.

Amazing painting Marjorie, great skill.

Carole, Russell, Skylar, Seok, Cesare and Gudrun - thankyou for your comments - Skylar, we are always unsure when something is finished...I've still got a slight feeling of unease!

Hang on Studio Wall

Oil on canvas. Still needs some refinement, I'm thinking of warming up the edges.

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