Now will you take me seriously?!!

Now will you take me seriously?!!

Thank you so much Jennifer for your continued encouragement.

Superb. The watercolour and coloured pencil have merged seamlessly. The colours in the hair are beautiful.

Beautiful again, Marilyn, perfect detail and subtlety


Love the mood and how the eyes hold your attention I certainly would take you seriously.

The end justifies the means, so they say. In this case, very true. Exceptional and clever work Marylin.

Absolutely amazing. I know what you mean by being a purist but this has worked so very well I think you should try more.

What a beautiful painting, love the eyes 😀

Really like your combination of media Marilyn, a very expressive face. Love the hair too.

Fabulous portrait and amazing skill, Marilyn, and very attractive eyes. The two mediums work well together. Sei insuperabile, Marilyn!

Love the title and that look! I think your experiment is very successful Marilyn. I’ve seen others combine the two and It seems to work well. There are so many different media options and combinations available now it’s baffling but always good to try something different.

Really great talent you have.

Thank you so much everyone who has supported and encouraged my work, it is really appreciated!

Please do use this combination again - it has turned out so very well, Marilyn

You are a wonderful portrait painter, Marilyn.

Fabulous work Marylin.

Oh wow! It is amazing and beautiful!

Hang on Studio Wall

An experiment in using watercolour and coloured pencil, not sure if I’ll repeat it as I’m really a purist at heart.

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