Out of the shadows

Out of the shadows

I particularly like this one Marilyn. The shadow adds additional interest. What size is it? I imagine that your paintings take a while to complete

Thank you Diana - The size is 29.5 x 20.5cms and they normally take 1-2 weeks, working in the evenings, to complete.

Your paintings are so meticulous Marilyn and I am pleased to see, in this age where a lot of artists are embracing "loose" paintings, that realism still has its place.

So real, excellent painting.

A beautiful piece. I love the way you handle watercolour. There's a density, a solidity or presence which one wouldn't usually associate with this medium, yet it isn't heavy or muddy or overworked in the slightest. In fact, there's a lightness of touch and a great sensitivity. I love your working of light into the shadows.

Thank you Adele! Yes, I also worry about the trend towards simplicity and looseness in art and find that most observers still admire the realistic approach even if it appears dated.

Thank you for your lovely comments Kevin! I always feel in danger of overworking but am glad to hear that I am managing to stop just short of that!

Thank you for your lovely comments Lyn!

Marilyn, I love your detailed work which is my favourite type. I don't really 'get' loose paintings and strive myself to create as much detail as I can in my paintings, which are nowhere, definitely nowhere near your beautiful work.

I couldn’t agree more Margaret with your comments about detail, although I do very much admire artists who can capture a character or an atmosphere with minimal brushstrokes. What I find hard to appreciate is “art for art’s sake” and I once heard an art critic on TV make a comment which really annoyed me and that was that they couldn’t like a particular person’s artwork because they were “not supposed to”!!?

Another fabulous pet portrait, Marilyn, I could never have your perseverance.

That is why a “looser” style of watercolour suits you best Cesare - You do it so well!

This is a lovely painting Marilyn and I so admire your style . BUT we would have lost so much in wonderful paintings if every one painted in the same way. Each to their own.

I totally agree with you Sylvia. I certainly don’t feel that my way is the only way and, in fact, I’m not even sure that my work actually qualifies as “watercolour” because of it’s “tightness” but it’s nice to bend the rules a little. I see so many fabulous artworks on this site in so many individual styles that I feel quite humble by comparison sometimes.

awesome .. I love your work :-)

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