Day 30 - Tulips - Lino print

Day 30 - Tulips - Lino print

Wow! Your so busy Margaret, well done. This looks good.

Very nice, Margaret. I like your mix of techniques during this month.

Really good effect, very nice Margaret.

Really nice and effective Margaret 😀

Really like Linoprint work. This is loose and spontaneous and as said effective.

I like lino prints, yours has come out very nice, I like it , Margaret. :)

Wow.....I’m another fan of Lino prints Margaret and I love this spontaneous and lively print. I haven’t done one for ages.

This is a wonderful Lino print Margaret. Love the colour.

Thank you all for your lovely comments :) I need to brush up on my technique - the "solid" colour bits went a bit blotchy and some of the lines got ink in them. Was good fun though. Was inspired by the marvellous work of Margaret Mallows to have another go.

Lovely work Margaret

I've never even thought of trying lino print but after seeing your bright vase of flowers I'm tempted to have a go. I always think it must be difficult. This is eye catching I like the shape of the vase.

I've never tried this, but I admire the results. Good work Margaret.

I like all prints Margaret, almost made the month!

Lovely Margaret.. great effect.

Lovely effect Margaret.

Ooh that's good Margaret!

A lovely effect with this one Margaret, I would imagine this is quite hard to do as I've never tried this work myself.

Thank you all for your lovely comments - very encouraging. :) Janet, I would encourage you to have a go - the main drawback is the layout in initially buying the lino, ink, and, advisably at least one, roller(s). It is also quite messy (at least when I do it!) I reckon if I can I produce something, anybody can, as my natural drawing style is very scribbly - not really ideal when trying to create even lines!

That’s so striking. I haven’t done a Lino print since I was at school. I just remember repeatedly cut fingers

Thank you Diana :) I remember school lino printing too!

I saw this on Facebook and was struck by the colour and vitality Margaret.

Hang on Studio Wall

My first lino print for a long time. Was at art class today and actually did 6 figures studies (3 were only 2 mins) but as they are nude and I've not asked the model, I'm not posting them. I started cutting this last night but still took a while to finish off today,

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