Yacht Racing at Kippford - WIP

Yacht Racing at Kippford - WIP

The simplicity appeals Margaret, and it works.

Looking good Margaret!

This is wonderfully abstract, Margaret, or rather semi-abstract, and you've created real atmosphere with this impression of the yacht race. Great work. Bri

Thank you Bri :) I've done a bit more on it now - e.g toned down the sky a bit - will add tomorrow. Think ( hope) it is an improvement.

Actually going to post the amendment now - don't usually post 2 a day but probably better to have both together for comparison.

The painting has got a great sense of energy -so suitably expressive for a yacht race ! I like the colours too.

Thank you Chrissie :) This isn't the finished version - it was posted later.

Hang on Studio Wall

Acrylic on canvas board - based on some of my own photos plus some sketches. Started off as a fairly conventional seascape but got rather carried away with the pallet knives! Think now I see the photo, I have overdone the darkness in the sky - specially on the top left. The actual sky was pretty impressive - yet another day of thundery rain - and I got pretty wet shortly after these photos.

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