"The Dutch mill at Foxton " coloured pencil and ink onto black paper.

"The Dutch mill at Foxton "  coloured pencil and ink onto black paper.

I like your coloured pencil work Mike. One thing I would be interested to know though - the coloured pencil reviews I've read all say that there is a problem with the very soft lead in prismacolor pencils breaking. Are you having that problem with them? Or any problems with wax bloom?

Hi Sandra , so far , touch wood , no I haven't experienced breaking leads, White has been a little crumbly , one of the wooden outers is actually cracking - fortunately not the full length as yet. They are certainly soft - wear down quite quickly , but then again I am working to cover black paper. Some have stronger covering power than do others. As a thought , the pencils do come with very short lead exposure , so far I have only sharpened one of them and I have left a longer lead exposure than the original. Will have to watch on the breaking scene now. Wax bloom - there is a sheen to the paper but as yet no bloom that I have seen.

Super painting Mike, pencil seems to suit architecture, this looks very good.

Interestin subject, great result and excellent drawing Mike, and I'd like to see the same thing done on white paper.

Thanks Mike. Hopefully you won't have problems with them.

my thanks to Willie and Jim. White paper - it may happen sometime Jim , I like the use of black as giving some " guts" to the painting.

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This is , as far as I know , NZ's only windmill (water mills were more common) and it is located at Foxton on the North Island. Erected in recent times , it is a "working mill" and one can purchase flour from this location. Again , the camera is highlighting colour , intensifying far greater than the actual picture - which makes it more "seeable"

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