Silvery moon

Silvery moon

Oh Louise - another real cracker - I realy do admire your techniques - given that most budding artists start out with watercolour why does anyone ever want to move on and try other mediums when watercolour has so much to explore and offer?

I agree with Michael, lovely and vibrant, so typically yours, great painting Louise

I like this alot Louise and the title goes with it very well :)

Wonderful contrasts of tones and colours Louise and you've used the clingfilm to great effect.

It's a lovely painting, Louise, with a silky shimmer to it.

Many thanks Michael, Glennis, Sarah and Fiona. Fiona, I've just bought a roll of the stuff! I never use it in the kitchen (actually, I don't really do very much in my kitchen) but cling film on slightly wet watercolour is magic LOL

I like all your paintings Louise,and admire your very distinctive style. As Fiona has said, the cling film effect has produced great texture and the colour contrasts work so well. Lovely work.

Ah, that ubiquitous moon! And it casts a lovely, silvery sheen over your painting! Love that effect. Fab, Louise!

Silvery Moon - very evocative title and it suits this painting really well because it shimmers with light and delicate colours. I am glad to see the return of your signature moon and isn't it striking in that inky black sky. I've never tried cling film and I suspect I would make a right dog's breakfast of it, so I will leave it in the hands of experts like yourself as you seem to be able to use it to such stunning effect. Another great addition to your gallery.

Very distinctive Louise, lovely colours and clever use of clingfilm!

Hooray the moon stamp is back! Lovely textures and colour as always Louise.

Many thanks, Julie, Seok, Thea, Debs and Carole. I do appreciate your comments!

By the light of the......... I'll have that song going around my head for hours now, thanks LOL I love cling film for texture and you've used to great effect here and that moon in the inky black sky...... brilliant work.

I had somehow missed this one but fortunately found it! It is fantastic Louise and feels like finding an old friend again. Silver moon over the little house and all those wonderful flowers hiding underground. Magic!

Thank you Val and Satu. Val, I've been humming it as well!!

Hang on Studio Wall

watercolour 16 cm x 16 cm.

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