Still life

Still life

I hesitate to use the word pretty, Louise, as it doesn't really describe it very well, but the colours in this are lovely. Maybe the cold grey days are inspiring you to paint beautiful lights! Nice composition too, with the eye being taken along a diagonal but the curve of the pattern softens and slows the journey.

You're really on a roll with these Louise. Lovely vibrant colours, shapes and patterns.

A lovely piece! Very nice composition and colours that work so well to make this a such a harmonious work

Another lovely abstract painting Louise, the colours are great

Many thanks Caroline, Val, Jane and Petra!

I think you got really obsessed by those still lifes, Louise. Never mind, it is the practise that counts. This is great and I love it!

Thank Mia. That 'artist's block' is never far away (lol) at the moment, I'm managing to paint every day which is just how I like it.

Lovely palette Louise, I really love the dark areas in this series of paintings.

Great composition Louise

I like the colours you use Louise, very vibrant, not normally into abstracts - but yours are always easy on the eye beacuse of the beautiful colours and shapes.

Thanks, Fiona, Michael and Glennis.

Good composition and colours, sorry this comment is so late!

Great colours Louise, another fine still life.

Sorry, I missed this Louise, probably due to all the drama with Milly. This is lovely - such a harmonious and pleasing still life. Super palette and a lovely intermingling of shapes. You really are pushing the boundaries with your paintings at the moment, so good on you for doing that.

A gorgeous palette, Louise, and a super arrangement. You really use your spaces very well!

"Painted quickly this morning"!!. What do you eat for breakfast? !! It jumped off the page for me. The colours are lovely :)

Many thanks Debs, Carole, Thea, Seok and Sarah. Sarah, you've made me laugh! Seriously though, as often happens, the quick paintings turn out better than the ones that I spend days on. I didn't really give this too much thought and went straight in with the brush. Had it gone wrong, then it wouldn't have mattered. There must be a lesson to be learned there (lol)

Hang on Studio Wall

watercolour 23 cm x 16 cm. Painted quickly this morning inspired by all the glass I've been painting recently! Good painting weather here at the moment, it's too cold and miserable to venture outside :)

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