M/C Northern Quarter

M/C Northern Quarter

Very very good again Louise! Love the cars and the people!

Lots going on in this painting. A real sense of busy-ness

I went to the new Lowry exhibition last week and in a way this reminds me of them, lively, busy Manchester scene. Modern, more colourful of course but the same energy.

Do like your use of pen - like to use water-soluble ink myself but haven't tried the Berol range - must do so. Great stuff.

Thank you all for your kind comments! These are drawn very quickly and directly with the pen which accounts for the 'lively' effect, mistakes and wobbly lines. Unusually for me I haven't yet tired of the subject or technique! Michael, you might not like the washable pen as the ink runs alarmingly when wet and you have to resist the temptation to dab at it when it does. It can all look rather messy until dry!

I love the hustle and bustle and your pen work, especially the brollies :)

Better late than never with my comment - sorry! Lovely bustling scene - the cars are getting better all the time - really nicely drawn in such an expressive way. Love the way you use grey to suggest the grime of some of the buildings and then inject lovely clean colours into the scene to show how much life there is in a city. Great work.

I'm running out of superlatives, Louise! Another fab piece!

Hang on Studio Wall

Berol washable pen and watercolour. 14 in x 10 in.

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