Without I hope getting all whimsical and silly, this is a little poem of a painting - it's succinct; you've made a statement and, having made it, stopped.

I really like this - design come modern interpretation.

What a lovely idea for a painting. It is a virtual Stairway to Heaven - or that's how I see it. All those ladders which end up at that pristine white chapel (looks more like that than a cottage to me - but then I am a bit fanciful about these things!). Love the vertical composition and of course - the colours!! Love them, too. Great inventive work, Louise.

Beautiful sketch Louise

Interesting Louise with lots of different interpretations to be found, Thea saw ladders, I saw pathways!

I like this abstracty view Louise, format's great too.

Love your original style Louise and as usual, a vibrant palette which is your hallmark.

The little village is back! I love it Louise! Little squares that form the picture, great!

Thank you all. I appreciate these comments from such talented artists as yourselves.

You have been branching out in new directions since I have been away Louise I like them but I notice the absence of baby portraits! : ) No pressure,

A super little image, simple but with lots of interest and beautiful use of colour.

I agree with Robert - definitely poetry in art!

I love the abstract quality and the contrast - who says do not use black! Great vision and use of abstract pattern.

Many thanks, William, Lesley, Seok and Richard :)

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small watercolour sketch 20 cm x 10 cm

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