The Lowry, Salford

The Lowry, Salford

It makes a great abstract. Juxtaposition of shapes and colours . Like a lot.

Now this looks fun Louise! It has turned out very nice, and not a moon in sight . lol! :)

You have simpified it beautifully Louise, I like the " quiet " colours and the simple shapes.

Quite agree about working from photos, but you've pulled this one off perfectly.

Many thanks for such kind comments Sylvia, Sarah, Satu and Robert. This is one sketch though that I won't be taking any further. The whole scene is too busy for my liking. The pointy objects in the background which look like badly drawn boats are in fact a bridge across the water. :)

Very interesting painting Louise. A lovely style too.

Such interesting work. Strong pen lines give great definition to the buildings and your colour washes are just enough to add to those shapes. Yet another style to add to your growing portfolio of expertise.

I almost missed this, Louise. Didn't open the POL-site for a few days, so... Beau-ti-ful pen and wash (my favourite style, you know that!). Well done.

Many thanks Carole, Thea and Mia. Mia, my failure with your coffee technique led me to trying a pen and wash :)

Louise, this is absolutely stunning! Is there anything you can't do excellently? LOVE this!

Hang on Studio Wall

Pen and wash. 16 cm x 30 cm. Sketched from a photo this morning which we took from the multi storey car park at the Lowry. The trouble with using photographs is that it's difficult to simplify the image and the temptation is to include everything that's in the picture. The buildings around this area are spectacular and I haven't done them justice. Also, as this was a fairly old photo, the place has probably changed even more now!

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