Good to see some of your work again Louise. A darker palette I think than your norm but very vibrant and eyecatching. Great design, I love all the curves, a super painting.

Absolutely stunning work, Louise! The design element is stronger than ever and the diversity of colour which shades from the colder blues on the left through to the hot colours on the right adds a real sense of drama and excitement to the painting. I know you have had a break from painting over Christmas and New Year and I think it has done you good if this painting is anything to go by - your very best yet in my opinion.

Thank you Val and Thea for your kind words. There can be so many distractions in life I find and I'm a great one for saying that I'll start a painting tomorrow, then it's gone dark and it's too late! At least this is a start and of course, your comments here are always encouraging and welcome!!

This was worth the wait Louise! One of your best. I would like to read about how you plan your paintings out as there is always so much to see in them. Very intricate and colourful :)

Perhaps time for Louise to start a blog, eh, Sarah?!

Many thanks Sarah but no thanks Thea. LOL. Sarah, I never seem to have a plan, more of a vague idea! I'm never sure how they'll turn out and I'm often surprised how different they look once the paint has settled and dried. That's what I love about watercolour.

Super colours Louise and it has the look of a stained glass window about it.

A very striking and vibrant piece, Louise. A stunner!

Thanks Debs and Seok. Debs, I agree, it does have a stained glass window look about it!

I really love your work, Louise. I agree with the comments above; this is an attention grabbing painting and beautifully executed. More, please!

I have been waiting for new paintings of yours Louise and here it is. Wonderful! Little houses have grown and colours are stronger and I like the black lines too. Very good!!!

Lots of interest and lovely colours

Thank you Lionel, Satu and Helen!

Hang on Studio Wall

watercolour 37 cm x 53 cm. Not much I can say about this one except that I haven't painted for a while which I realize sounds like rather a lame excuse! It wasn't working at first and I found myself adding more and more colour. It's been facing the wall for a couple of days and now I look at it with fresh eyes, I'm actually quite pleased with the result LOL. The black lines are gouache paint.

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