Abstract figures

Abstract figures

Brilliant drawing looks like they are sitting at the bar having a good night out 😀

Leaves enough for the imagination, colours work well. Great prices of work.

Predictive text is a pain...great piece of work I meant.

Thanks Kirstie, Linda and Andre. I thought I'd try an abstract after seeing Fiona's door paintings. I'll have to have another go now as this isn't really what I had in mind. They're obviously figures and I must have been thinking subconsciously of a bar scene. Linda, you're right! It didn't take long though and Kirstie, you could try it. You definitely could as all I did was outline the shapes and colour in. I'd love to see an abstract from you! Andre, I wouldn't get a good price for this tidgy thing. lol

Great composition and colours, Louise - an interesting semi-abstract.

Many thanks Jenny and Margaret!

Always good, often brilliant, another beauty Louise.

Although not really an abstract (in my humble opinion...), I really, really like it Louise. Beautiful composition and great, strong colours.

,Thanks Alan, I do appreciate your comments. Thanks also Mia. I agree that it's not a true abstract. In fact, looking at it now, there's even a lady serving behind what looks like the bar. That wasn't planned at all :)

Okay, not wholly abstract but very very good. I love the colours Louise.

Works like a dream Louise

I find it very hard to get into the mind set to think abstract Louise, my thought processes won’t go into freewheel! I think this is abstract, especially the colour patterns and how you have elongated the shapes, yes they still look like figures but without decapitating them they are going to resemble what they are. It’s a difficult one with figures. My art tutor brought in a framed picture of three drawings in a row of Keith Vaughan’s, pencil sketches. The first was recognisable as a drawing of figures but through the sencond and on to the third they were unrecognisable but you could see the process. Vaughan’s work of figures is very good in the abstract form.....if you have a strong stomach....he was obsessed with the male form, look him up on google. I’ve been busy with my therapist today, but I think I’m cured! I’ve left you a response on my last (abstract) posting. Let me know what you think of Vaughan’s methods.

Louise, I love your juxtaposition ( Language....WOW!) of colour here. Being hopeless at abstract I admire this greatly.

Love the shapes in this Louise, a people abstract.

Thank you so much Marjorie, Dennis, Fiona, Ruth and Carole. Kind comments appreciated :) I'll definitely look at Vaughan's work Fiona but it'll be tomorrow now. I wont have time this evening and no, I'm not out propping up the bar. LOL

Really interesting way of abstracting figures Louise. I do like the idea that they are having a good night out.

Yeah, yeah.....” me think she do protest too much Sire”. Bet you’re off to collate more material?! Lol

In a minute Fiona..LOL

Works beautifully Louise. Really good balance of colour and composition.

The park bench sitters Louise. Nice work.

Many thanks Helen, John and Michael :)

Yes, bar or swimming pool cafe - where I am aiming to take my sketch gear next week. Smashing Louise

Thanks Derek. Lucky you..have a good time!

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watercolour 20 cm x 20 cm, on khadi paper

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