Blue Monday

Blue Monday

What else could I possibly say other than I love it Louise, I often try things like this but always end up overworking it and it ceases to become an abstract but more figurative. A good size also so I expect that it looks stunning in the flesh...

Great marks great colours, nobody does it better Louise!

Many thanks Alan. It is quite large and to be honest, I'm rather pleased with the result. I used mostly large hake brushes which didn't allow me to overwork it too much. Just a matter of applying the paint in vertical stripes and hoping for the best :) Many thanks as well Carole. I'm delighted that you like it!

Fabulous tones and washes Louise. An impressive image which gets the brain ticking.

Some super abstracts in here at the moment Louise, yours and Pol's

Smashing painting Louise, I think the best of yours last. I like the colours combination, the shapes and the blancs, that is to say I like all of it. I think you enjoyed painting it.

Thank you Michael, Dennis and Derek :)


I absolutely love it Louise and you are right to be happy with it, it's very eye catching, modern and wonderful.

Lovely, Very nice. and Beautiful. what more can I say.

I like this very much Louise and loving the colours.

Thank you Ruthy, Satu, David and Margaret :)

So eye catching Louise, love the blues especially the dark blue which really draws the eye.

Wow Louise, this is an absolute cracker!!

Excellent use of colours. You can clearly see the buildings

Lovely colours - very nice indeed!

Thank you so much Val, Fiona, Gudrun and Linda. Your comments are so encouraging especially as this type of working is new to me. I actually used masking fluid on a strange plastic object which looks a bit like a very fat, plastic chunky comb. I've no idea what it is but I found it in the kitchen, possibly from some packing material? I virtually 'combed' on the masking fluid with said object for the window shapes and then went for it with hake brushes and a finer rigger. looks pretty good mounted up and framed. :)

Stunning abstract Louise. beautiful blues and exciting composition . Wish i could do abstracts like that.

Very impressive abstract, especially in watercolour,as I feel acrylics lends itself more to abstract than watercolour but you've pulled it off wonderfully.

Louise, I haven't got any Sultana' raisins!

Thanks Syd and Andre. Not keen on acrylic Andre myself, never tried them!

Mmm, that old excuse Fiona. Too small.. LOL

This is such a great image - lovely colours and lively energetic lines. And I love the title!

Hang on Studio Wall

City abstract watercolour. 54 cm x 38 cm

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