March forum challenge

March forum challenge

Love it, Louise! You have really caught the movement well :)

This is fun, Louise! (The great thing about these challenges is that they're getting everyone to try new ideas, with some really interesting results!)

Thanks Margaret..I'm not really a dog lover and certainly not a painter of them so never did I think I'd have fun painting this

I think you're just showing off now you can draw dogs! Absolutely superb Louise.

Great idea Louise. Must have been difficult painting all those dalmations.

What a very original idea, Louise. This certainly is full of mouvement!

Thanks Alan..well, you know me. lol Thank you Carole. Best not to look to closely. It was more a case of painting the outlines quickly and hoping for the Thanks also Mia. They were painted quickly :)

Loads of lovely movement in this Louise, you are certainly going for the challenge in a big way, keep em coming 😀👍

Are there a 101 of them? This is great, love their collars. No I’m not good at animals either Louise and the next one I have in mind will be a big challenge for me. I’m trying to think of the easiest way possible to do

Definitely lots of movement in this painting, dogs flying off the paper, best one I've seen todate.

Some great movement, Louise.

Many thanks Ellen, Fiona and John!

Thanks Gudrun. I've just realised that this is a bit like one of those 'find the hidden panda' puzzles. There isn't one hidden here :)

That is great Louise. Enough said !!

Thats excellent Louise

Wonderful fun Louise.

Thanks Dermot and Sandra!

Hang on Studio Wall

Never having been a painter of animals, this challenge didn't really appeal to me at first. I'd never, ever have thought of painting running Dalmatians before and must say, I'm enjoying this challenge now as you've probably guessed :)

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