The Lone Ranger

The Lone Ranger

Don Quixote and Sancho Panza? Well, I have no idea who they are but it's a great drawing/painting Louise! You are so good at these and as you said, the reference material is now endless because there is no need worry about anything.

A real blast from the past - my favourite TV programme as a child! This is superb - as you say, you can now draw anything and you are do that magnificently!

The Lone Ranger and Tonto ride again :) The drawing possibilities are endless now Louise.

Many thanks Satu and Thea. Either Satu's too young or she doesn't want to give her age away..LOL (only joking Satu, they were on children's TV many years ago)

Thank you Val as well!

Ah, now that's taking me back a long, long way! Kemo Sabby!

Well you are definitely " hi, ho Silver and away" with your nice, strong one liners Louise!

Well you won't believe it but I actually watched an episode of this early on Saturday morning on one of the obscure channels - loved it as a lad but it seems so amateurish now and with a silly story line - but it was still fun. I used to see it at Saturday morning Cinema Club at the Odeon in Southgate. But it was in black and white and this is coloured !!

Thanks Frank, Sarah and Michael, I'm not doing a black and white one either...LOL (memories eh!)

We did have British soaps in Finland when I was young, like On the Bus, Robin Hood and Coronation Street but no Lone Ranger and Tonto. That doesn't make me very young! I wish I was though.

Ah yes, I remember it well [ apologies to Gigi] my husband has a poster and an original lone ranger mask [ well originally sold in Woolies !] lol

Those were the days! We!'re all showing our age aren't we? I wonder what the children of today would make of it. Great painting Louise!

Thank you all, those were the days I agree Christine. We had a children's hour on tv if I remember correctly, just one hour, unlike today, and then we kept busy with hobbies and made up our own games. We were lucky, it was a good time to be a child. Debs, an original Woolies lone ranger mask and poster, and he still has them!.. .LOL

I remember Lone Ranger and Tonto Louise and this is a great rigger brush drawing!

This is great Louise - such a crazy subject but works fantastically - I can see a whole series of these - Batman and Robin, Wonder woman, Tarzan etc. Fun and very colourful.

Thanks Joseph and what a good idea..thanks! I'm thinking Tarzan..LOL

Thanks also Carole, nearly forgot to thank you as I was thinking about Tarzan...!!

Super linework, Louise! This would make a great cartoon!

I would spend my whole sixpence pocket money at the Saturday morning flicks to watch these two hero's! I think they look great in colour....great job Louise.

Great work once again Loise. Old joke 'Lone ranger seeing Tonto lying with ear to ground, "who was it Tonto"? "Two men, one woman, one boy about ten years old, in coach pulled by four white horses." "Amazing Tonto, so much detail, how do you do it" ":Easy, coach ran over Tonto five minutes ago" Boom Boom!

LOL Stephen!!!..Thanks also, Seok and Fiona!

Hang on Studio Wall

Doing the one liners has lead to me to paint subjects that I wouldn't normally tackle for example this one! Some here might remember him and I happen to know someone who'll hopefully appreciate the painting....Hi-yo Silver away!.. No pre drawing, straight in with a rigger brush for the outlines. 18 cm x 24 cm

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