March forum challenge

March forum challenge

Goodness me Louise, I new you'd find a way of introducing the girls, brilliant!

You gave me the idea Alan when you mentioned including the girls. It's all your fault.. LOL Actually, this was a challenge for me, I've never painted a dog before!

Yes I know that I challenged you! It's hilarious.

Very original Louise, you've come up trump's with this one, love it !!!👍

🤣. Who let the dogs out!! Love it Louise thanks for the titter.

A typical 'Louise'-girl painting, great idea, Louise. Love the subject!

Absolutely, brilliant Louise, so much movement here, even the birds ( robin s) 😀

Terrific energy in this, Louise, love it! Can feel the speed!!

Brilliant, Louise - great fun to see the girls and their dogs in action - hope they didn't catch up with the cats!

Many thanks Linda, Carole, Mia, Lesley, Thalia and Jenny. They're moving through the gallery faster than the snails :)

That’s excellent work

Thanks Dermot. It was just a bit of fun really but as I've never drawn them before, the dogs were quite challenging for me!

Looks like the race is on Louise :) Brave girls running in heels no wonder one nearly tripped.

That's great Louise - what those girls get up to!

Love the fact that they’re running I;their heels Louise! Only you could think of this, and deliver so well! 👍

They need some proper walking/running shoes Val :) Thanks as well Maureen. They don't age

Thanks Tessa. They need coats on as well in this weather :)

A great fun painting, Louise - love it!

Lol......I can feel the rush of wind as they go dashing by Louise! Great spotty dogs and is that a flying squirrel I can see?!

There's movement for you. Nice one Louise...(-:

Love this one too Louise. Especially with the girls.

Thanks Sandra and Jim :)

Hang on Studio Wall

No animals were hurt here although one of the girls nearly tripped over!

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