One-line lady

One-line lady

Great result for upside down and without looking, Louise.

Whacky Louise. I think I saw her on Oxford Road station once. (-:

Thanks Sandra and Jim. You couldn't miss her Jim, she's rather tall or she appears to be on my screen. It's only a small drawing, 20cm x 8 cm . Looks a lot bigger here :)

It was definitely her Louise. She was carrying a hundredweight bag of cement under one arm and texting on her mobile with the other hand. I think it was the nine inch heels on her diamante boots that made me notice her. Very Manchester (-:

Rather Picasso Louise! :)

Absolutely fab, Louise!!

Dear me you're all at it. Reckon it's a bit dangerous not knowing the outcome Louise.

A good job you didn't stare at her too much Jim..she might have dropped the bag of cement and punched you. She looks like that 'don't mess with me' type.. lol Thanks Margaret, Satu and Carole. Upside down is dodgy as well Carole. Seriously though, painting can get a bit too serious sometimes and it's good to try something different and challenging. Even better is the laugh I have here when reading some of the comments.

Very interesting watercolour-I can see the Picasso link especially around the legs

This is good, Louise. Love the way it's painted. Your stuff done this odd way looks like a form of abstraction and works so well. (My attempt looks like it was drawn by a three-year-old).

Thanks David, Przemila, Lewis and Thalia :)

Will have to give it a try but couldn't get results like this

Never mind the technique, those colours are luscious!

Thanks Dennis and Marjorie!

I think she must be a contortionist, with a nick like that Louise! Such fun!

Hang on Studio Wall

One-liner pen drawing, drawn upside down (the paper, not me), without looking :)

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