Street Scene

Street Scene

Gorgeously moody and mysterious Louise!

Small but you have packed lots of feeling into this one Louise. A dark winter evening in Mcr.

Lovely Louise, the colours are wonderful

Love it Louise a great success

Thanks Satu, Stephen, David, Marjorie and Dennis :)

You are genius at these city scenes - bringing them alive with wonderful brushwork and atmospheric colours. Another winner!

A typical dark winters day. Good one Louise.

Love the colours Louise...sultry.

Thank you Margaret, Val and Fiona :)

In your unmistakeable style, Louise, so highly original. It says so much so succinctly.

Lovely painting as always, Louise.

Thanks as well, Ruth and Cesare!

Beautiful city scene, Louise. I love the colous, very atmospheric!

I must have missed this one Louise, the pages move so fast these days, lovely spontaneous piece of course, your trademark.

Thanks Mia and Alan. At least these days users are limited to four postings a day Alan. Some time ago, people would sometimes post what seemed like a lifetimes work and it wasn't uncommon to be swept away and never seen :)

Hang on Studio Wall

small pen and wash on khadi paper. 16 cm x 16 cm

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