Central Library

Central Library

Louise they just get better and better!! Love how your washes run into one another and the lightest lights sit against the darkest darks.

Brilliant Louise I love it

Love the darkness at the top and the figures are placed perfectly. Excellent!

Posted by K 0 on Fri 20 Nov 17:28:13

I love your night-time paintings. This is beautifully done, the glow in the sky is fantastic.

This is gorgeous Louise! I loved the first one but this is even better!

Such atmosphere portrayed in these night scenes, lovely work Louise.

Nice painting and lovely colours, Louise.

I agree with Satu! The washes are done with great skill Louise.

This has got great atmosphere. The library takes me back.....a bit of work done there in the dim distant past.( only a bit)

Many thanks to you all!

Really like this Louise, very well painted.

Another super piece, Louise. Lovely range of tones and textures.

Great picture Louise, some lovely dark but transparent washes in there, and that lime green lifts it up a level.

Hang on Studio Wall

Watercolour 37 cm x 23 cm. Wasn't too happy with my other painting of the Manchester library so tried another one.

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